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Traffic Census 2020

Every five years UNECE conducts the E-Road census, which asks for infrastructure information and traffic volumes on the E-Road network, as defined in UNECE's AGR agreement. The E-Road network consists of roads considered to be of international importance. A map of the network is available.

Traffic levels are measured in Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), which is designed to give an indication of traffic on average throughout the year. The 2020 round took place during the start of the exceptional COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that data may not be comparable with 2015 (the trends in traffic levels over time are of particular interest).

As of January 2022, six countries have therefore announced that the census could not take place as normal for 2020: Belarus, Bulgaria, Czechia, Germany, Romania and Slovakia.

Country Questionnaire Map Shapefiles Notes
Armenia XLS     Some vehicle-km data for 2015, 2019 and 2020.
Austria XLS Austria ZIP  
Belarus XLS     No traffic volumes recorded in 2020.
Bulgaria XLS     Additional data on AADT at all counting posts.
Croatia XLS Croatia   Traffic volumes for 172 posts, 2020 and 2015.
Czechia XLS   ZIP DOC
Finland XLS   ZIP Traffic volumes for 2019 and 2020.
Germany XLS      
Hungary XLS Hungary   Total traffic volumes (split by type of traffic).
Kazakhstan XLS (EN translation)     Russian original
Netherlands XLS   ZIP Traffic volumes for 2169 posts for 2020
Poland XLS Poland ZIP Full report
Russian Federation XLS     Traffic volumes for each E-Road for 2020 and 2015, (split by type of traffic).
Serbia XLS      
Slovenia XLS_2019; XLS_2020 Slovenia_2019; Slovenia_2020 ZIP Zip file contains separate Shapefiles for 2019 and 2020. PLDP refers to AADT. Heavy traffic is a sum of Bus, ST, TT, TP and TPP columns.
Sweden XLS   ZIP  
Switzerland XLS_2019;XLS_2020   ZIP  


For countries

An empty excel census questionnaire can be downloaded here. Recommendations for census compilation: