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Stress test framework for evaluating the resilience of transport systems

Cover Publication Stress test framework for evaluating the resilience of transport systems

This document outlines a comprehensive framework for conducting stress tests and evaluating the resilience of transportation systems.

It is targeted at stakeholders engaged in transportation planning, risk analysis, and decision-making processes. It includes policymakers, transport authorities, engineers, and consultants, providing them with a standardized procedure to conduct stress tests and estimate the resilience of their system using both qualitative and quantitative approaches.

Moreover, the framework emphasizes the importance of addressing uncertainties and offers guidance on identifying critical system components, potential interventions, and areas for further analysis. By following this framework, transportation stakeholders can enhance their understanding of system vulnerabilities, make informed decisions, and develop effective strategies to improve the overall resilience of transport networks.

This document should be connected with other standards and guidelines on risk/resilience assessment and adaptation of transportation systems to climatechange, including ISO 14090 (ISO 2019), ISO14091 (ISO 2021), BS 8631 (BSI 2021),
UIC RailAdapt (UIC 2017), PIARC’s International climate change adaptation framework for road infrastructure (PIARC 2015), and PIANC’s climate change adaptation planningfor ports and inland waterways (EnviCom WG 178).