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SPECTRUM of Border Crossing Facilitation Activities

Border inefficiencies are estimated to cost twice the amount of tariffs, while the removal of those inefficiencies could increase global trade by as much as US$ 1 trillion and create as many as 21 million jobs worldwide. Even though border crossing issues vary from country to country, they generally span across three main elements: harmonization of laws and regulations, standardization of means and simplification of procedures.
The UNECE Inland Transport Committee and its working parties, especially the Working Party on Customs Questions affecting Transport (WP.30) have been providing regulatory (58 UN legal instruments), analytical and technical assistance – capacity building activities and have been engaged in policy dialogue to promote border crossing facilitation.
This brochure presents the broad spectrum of UN Conventions relevant for border crossing facilitation and of which the UNECE Inland Transport Committee is the custodian, as well as other activities and tools that can make international movement of cargo and people efficient and thus improve access to markets and opportunities at global, regional and sub-regional scales.

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