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Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for sustainable mobility


Intelligent Transport Systems play an important role in shaping the future ways of mobility and the transport sector. We expect that through the use of ITS applications transport will become more efficient, safer and greener. The huge potentials and benefits, however, can only be reaped if ITS solutions are put in place - internationally harmonized as much as possible.


See also the ITS Round Table held during the 74th ITC Annual Session.


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United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)
Transport in UNECE
UNECE and Intelligent Transport Systems
Part 1 - Background document
1 Introduction
2 Long-term and wide-ranging transport objectives
3 Technical overview of Intelligent Transport Systems
4 Outlook of UNECE action in the field of ITS and current provisions
5 Summary of benefits and challenges in the promotion of ITS
Part 2 - Strategic note
1 Introduction
2 The UNECE Transport Division’s vision, commitment and Road Map for  ITS
3 Transport growth reaches its limits
4 …but ITS can expand the transport sector’s limits
5 What is ITS?
6 ITS can contribute to the solution of global issues
7 Why is ITS not adequately addressed on the policy agenda?
8 Gaps and stumbling blocks in ITS deployment
9 UNECE’s support for ITS
10What’s next?
Part 3 - Road Map
The reasons for the UNECE Road Map on Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
The Road Map: 20 global actions to promote the use of ITS
How will the Road Map and its actions be implemented?