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2012 Inland Transport Security Discussion Forum - Proceedings

A collection of papers on various aspects of inland transport security written by distinguished experts from public and private sector organizations and compiled jointly by the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities and the Transport Division of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).
An OSCE-UNECE publication.
Table of contents:
  • A Contrarian’s Overview
    by Roeland Van Bockel
    Comments by Dr. Garland Chow
  • Transported Asset Protection
    by Thorsten Neumann
  • Road Transport and Security
    by Umberto de Pretto
  • Rail Transport Security
    by Jacques Colliard
    Comments by Andrew Cook
  • Security in Inland Waterways
    by Victor Vorontsov
    Comments by Dr. Istvan Valkar
  • Institutions: Barrier or Enabler for Inland Transport Security
    by Dr. Garland Chow
    Comments by Dr. Susanne Aigner
  • Customs Perspectives on Detection of Deliberate
    Regulatory Violations in Global Supply Chains -the Role of Information and Data in Risk Identification
    by Dr. Juha Hintsa et al
    Comments by Dr. Andrew Grainger
  • A Trade Facilitation Perspective
    by Dr. Andrew Grainger
    Comments by Prof. Dimitrios A. Tsamboulas
  • Our Passenger is Our Partner – A Programme to Improve Safety in Israeli Railways
    by Michael Cale
    Comments by René Van Bever
  • Panel Discussion: “The Role of Governments in Enhancing Inland Transport Security”
    Statements by Dr. Susanne Aigner, Professor Dimitrios A. Tsamboulas, Dr. Garland Chow and Roeland Van Bockel

Free download: PDF (English)