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84th Annual Session

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The Inland Transport Committee, established in 1947, is the highest policy-making body of UNECE in the field of transport. During the course of the past 75 years, together with its subsidiary bodies, it has provided a unique intergovernmental forum where countries come together to forge tools for economic cooperation and adopt international legal instruments on inland transport.

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75th Anniversary Highlights


List of decisions of the 84th session

List of participants

See also our brochures presenting our activity related to vehicle regulations, road safety, rail transport, inland water transport, intermodal transport and transport statistics.


Ministerial segment: Connecting countries and driving sustainable mobility

The Ministerial’s theme will be on “75 Years of ITC: Connecting Countries and Driving Sustainable Mobility”. This theme will create space for reflection of the Committee’s past achievements, current performance and future trajectory, highlighting its evolution and underlying its future potential. The Ministerial resolution to be adopted on the occasion of the commemoration of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Inland Transport Committee, is entitled “Ushering in a decade of delivery for sustainable inland transport and sustainable development”.

Regular session meeting documents

Award ceremony of the Global Road Safety Film Festival (21 and 22 February 2022)

The Global Road Safety Film Festival will take place in the Palais des Nations, in conjunction with the Committee’s Anniversary session. The Festival will be organized by the Laser International Foundation, in partnership with the UN Road Safety Fund and will contribute to raising awareness and promoting the visibility of the work of the Committee on road safety to specialized and general audiences. The award ceremony for the best films will take place during the Ministerial lunch on 22 February 2022.

Side Event on used cars (21 February 2022)

A high-level side event will be organized by UNECE together with UNEP to explore the advantages and challenges of ensuring access for low- and middle-income countries to safer and cleaner used vehicles that contribute to the sustainable development of countries and cities around the world. The side event will build on lessons learned from a successful United Nations Road Safety Fund project on used cars jointly implemented by UNEP and UNECE. The main benefits of safer, cleaner and more energy efficient used vehicles are improved road safety, reduced emissions (climate and air quality), improved fuel consumption, and costs savings (healthcare, rescue services, vehicle maintenance, fuel consumption, etc.). The side event will contribute to a better understanding of the role of used vehicles in meeting national, regional and global goals, including those stemming from the Sustainable Development Goals, the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030 and its Global Plan of Action, and the Paris Climate Agreement.

Side Event on Automation, Connectivity and E-Mobility (23 February 2022)

UNECE, together with Austria and other countries will organize a high-level side event in the margins of the Anniversary session of the Inland Transport Committee. The topic of the Side Event will be “Automation, Connectivity and E-Mobility”. The event intends to raise the profile of the work within UNECE on the new frameworks and regulations for automated/autonomous vehicles and their safe use in traffic.

Side Event on Euro-Asian transport links (24 February 2022)

A high-level side event will be organized by UNECE, together with the Russian Federation and other countries during the eighty-fourth session of the Inland Transport Committee. The side event will take stock of progress achieved through the Euro-Asian Transport Links (EATL) project and explore ways to enhance Euro-Asian transport connectivity in the future.

Round Table: On the road to sustained and full recovery: post-Covid-19 initiative for inland transport and the role of the Committe (25 February 2022)