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85th ITC - High-level Side Event on the ITC Forum for Road Safety

21 February 2023, Palais des Nations, room XIX, 1.00 p.m. - 1.45 p.m.

Draft Programme


Despite strong and consistent efforts by United Nations Member States, the international community was not able to achieve by 2020 the target of the Sustainable Development Goals on road safety as evidenced by increasing, rather than decreasing, road fatalities and injuries globally. In response, the General Assembly adopted on 31 August 2020, resolution 74/299 on Improving global road safety. The resolution inaugurated the second Decade of Action for Road Safety, setting new ambitious goals, supported by the launch in 2021 of a new Global Plan of Action as a guiding document to support the implementation of its objectives. Both milestones recognize the unique and critical role of ECE and the Inland Transport Committee (ITC).

The ITC Road Safety Forum’s objective is to provide a structured platform that will bring together key worldwide stakeholders for a regular and strategic discussion on progress achieved, remaining challenges and the way forward for the success of the second Decade of Action and the implementation of its Global Plan of Action. This year’s ITC Road Safety Forum will capitalize on the key directions of the High-level Side Event on the ITC Road Safety Forum that will be organized on 21 February 2023, in conjunction with the High-level Segment of the eighty-fifth plenary session of ITC.

Key topics of consideration by the High-level Side Event on the ITC Road Safety Forum were:

   Capitalizing on success stories and strengthening capabilities among low and middle- income countries in order achieve their goals under the second Decade of Action.

   Trend reversals: framing and addressing worrying dynamics of worsening road safety performance among selected low, middle and high-income countries.