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Online Workshop on Urban Mobility, Car Sharing and Car Pooling

08 October 2021 9:00 - 12:00

The UNECE secretariat is developing a project on strengthening the capacity of Central Asian countries to develop sustainable urban mobility policy on car sharing and car-pooling initiatives. The aim is to improve the understanding of national policy makers in Central Asia on the core requirements for the introduction of car sharing and car-pooling initiatives, and to improve their capacity to develop and implement sustainable transport policies focused on such initiatives.

This project reviews experiences from various countries and identifies the good practices and lessons learned from urban mobility, car sharing and car-pooling initiatives in order to provide Central Asian countries with best practices on how to set up and regulate such schemes.

During this workshop, the UNECE secretariat presented the current project outputs and discussed:

  • the car sharing analysis, available in English and Russian,
  • the draft guidelines for the local and national authorities on the creation of car sharing and carpooling services.



18251 _ Presentation Car Sharing Analysis and Draft Guidelines _ 360863 _ English _ 773 _ 338475 _ pptx
18251 _ Presentation Car Sharing Analysis and Draft Guidelines _ 360863 _ Russian _ 864 _ 338476 _ pptx
18251 _ Urban Mobility Bishkek _ 360803 _ English _ 773 _ 338377 _ pptx