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1997 Agreement workshop capacity building in Saudi Arabia

13 - 15 December 2022
Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia Standardization Organization (SASO), as the regulatory body of the country for automotive elements (certification and Periodic Technical Inspection (PTI)), is in the process of strengthening and further developing the national system for PTI as well as the introduction of a vehicle approval system. SASO asked at the 188th WP.29 session the WP.29 secretariat for advice on the 1997 Agreement (PTI), which is desired to serve as basis for the national updated PTI regime. A capacity building workshop was organised from the 13-15 December 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at SASO headquarters.

The workshop was attended by 13 staff members of SASO out of which 2 were female.

Mr. Nissler presented the work of the Sustainable Transport Division, with focus on the World Forum WP.29 and the three vehicle Agreements (1958, 1997 and 1998 Agreements). He also highlighted the benefits of Road Safety Performance Reviews, which would provide for an assessment of the current situation in the country as well as recommendations for further actions that could be used as a strategic roadmap for the country on the different elements of road safety.

The host organized a technical visit to one of the recent PTI stations. Initial comments were made and advice given.

On the second day, a workshop was held to provide a more detailed introduction of the 1997 Agreement, the annexed UN Rules and Resolution R.E.6.

During this workshop SASO’s future role as national authority for PTI and as supervising body was extensively elaborated.

There was a short meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of the Vehicle Safety Center of SASO, Mr. Majed Al Hazzany, where the project for enhancing PTI in the country as well as the use of modern technologies (e.g. Artificial Intelligence) was discussed.

SASO’s team showed high interest and motivation to use the international regulatory framework on PTI, as basis for the national updated PTI regime.

SASO started the internal national process for requesting a Road Safety Performance Review.

SASO requested continuation of capacity building with further workshops in 2023.



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