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Group of Experts on Risk Management in Regulatory Systems (GRM)

The UNECE WP. 6 started working on Standards and Regulations as risk management tools in 2009 with a Conference on “Risk Assessment and Management”, followed in 2010 by a Panel Session on Risk Management in Regulatory Frameworks.

The Working Party then entrusted the work on this priority to a Group of Experts that was formally established in 2011 with a mandate “to develop guidance and best practice for an improved management of hazards that have the potential to affect the quality of products and services, and/or cause harm or damage to people, the environment, property and immaterial assets”.
The Group of Experts on Risk Management in Regulatory Systems (UNECE GRM) is a unique, high-level and international partnership in the field of risk management.
The group is quite diverse. Experts participate from 13 countries - from Canada to New Zealand. They bring perspectives from authorities, standards-setting organizations, conformity assessment bodies, universities and research institutions as well as business companies.
The Group is chaired by Mr. Stephen Naundorf (Germany) with Mr. Donald Macrae (U.K.) and Mr. Valentin Nikonov (Russian Federation/Israel) as its coordinators.
Bi-monthly webinars and electronic data exchanges are the major forms of communication among GRM members. Reports/recording of the webinars are made available to the Group two weeks after the meeting.
How to get involved
The work of the Group is open to representatives of all United Nations Member States. Experts from international organizations, representatives of the private sector and non-governmental organizations can participate as observers. If you would like to participate, please contact the Secretariat.
Meetings and workshops

Reports of the GRM