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Single Submission Portal Repository

Following the release of the Recommendation 37 on Single Submission Portals (SSPs), the project teams felt that it would be beneficial to gather a number of use cases to showcase how this recommendation can be implemented as well as provide guidance to countries and potential suppliers on best practices.
The Repository offers case studies from organizations with functional SSP solutions. They are provide for information and do not constitute any endorsement or validation from UNECE or UN/CEFACT. They are presented as they were received by the Secretariat.
Further submissions that reflect the principles laid out in the text of Recommendation 37 are welcome with the condition that they use the appropriate template.
Country Date of
Solution Name
DE - Germany 09.04.2019 Dakosky
EU - Europe 09.04.2019 Conex
FR - France and world 09.10.2019 Soget
Global 22.11.2019 Calista
IL - Israel 09.04.2019 Israel Ports Development & Assets Company
NL - Netherlands 09.04.2019 Portbase