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UNTDED/ISO 7372 Update Project: Kick-off Meeting

25 October 2023 15:30 - 18:30
Hybrid 14/F, Fairmont House, 8 Cotton Tree Drive, Central, Hong Kong, China


The United Nations Trade Data Elements Directory (UNTDED) / ISO 7372 is a collaborative effort between the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) through the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). UNTDED is a comprehensive framework aimed at enhancing the efficiency of business, trade, and administrative organizations globally. It focuses on streamlining national and international transactions by simplifying and harmonizing processes, procedures, and information flows, ultimately contributing to the growth of global commerce.

UNTDED is a Directory comprising a set of data elements intended to facilitate an open interchange of data in international trade. These data elements can be used with any method for data interchange on paper documents as well as electronically.

The latest version of UNTDED/ISO 7372 was published in 2005. With the development of digitalization in international trade, it has played more and more important roles to improve data interoperability of the global supply chain. Besides a set of UN/CEFACT standards, it is referenced, mapped and aligned by the other data models adopted internationally, such as the WCO Data Model, the IMO Reference Model and the glossary of ICC DSI KTDDE.

Objective and Target Audience


Because of the limited resources available in UNECE-UN/CEFACT and the joint mechanism between UNECE and ISO/TC 154 to be clarified, UNTDED/ISO 7372 has suspended its development since 2005. It is expected and urged by stakeholders to update this important Directory as soon as possible.

Following the Terms of Reference (ToRs) on joint activities between UNECE and ISO TC/154 put in place, it was decided to launch the UNTDED/ISO 7372 Update Project. In line with the ToRs, the Project will be led by two Co-Project Leaders nominated by ISO and UNECE.   

The Project will be launched at the Kick-off Meeting, which aims to:

  • Introduce the two Co-Project Leaders
  • Compose the project team with the interested experts and representatives of the relevant International Organizations
  • Transfer knowledge through a workshop
  • Brainstorm on the next steps

Target Audience

The ISO TC 154 experts, representatives of the user community, representatives of the relevant International Organizations, and UN/CEFACT experts.


For any inquiries or further information, please contact [email protected].



Opening speeches from:

  • UNECE - Ms. Maria Teresa Pisani
  • ISO - Mr. Yu Shi




User cases presented by:  

  • UNECE - video
  • UPU - Ms. Heather MacAskill 
  • ICC - Mr. Henri Barthel


Technical Workshop

  • Ms. Sue Probert (ISO) 


Coffee Break 


Project Management Experience & Lessons Learnt from the last edition

  • Ms. Sue Probert (ISO) 


ToR on Joint Activities between UNECE/UN/CEFACT and ISO TC 154

  • Mr. Jianfang Zhang (ISO)



  • Ms. Yan Zhang


ISO Project Management – ISO 

  • Ms. Laura Mathew


Composition of the Project Team - Ms. Hanane Becha (UNECE) 

  • Introduction of project leaders 
  • Call for editors/experts 

Brainstorming & Next Meeting 



52700 _ Digital Standards Initiative-Use Case-ICC - Mr. Henri Barthel _ 384608 _ English _ 773 _ 397058 _ pdf
52700 _ User cases UPU - Ms. Heather MacAskill _ 384617 _ English _ 773 _ 397068 _ pdf
52700 _ ISO-Project Management-Ms. Laura Mathew _ 384613 _ English _ 773 _ 397064 _ pdf
52700 _ UN/CEFACT ODP – UNECE- Ms. Yan Zhang _ 384615 _ English _ 773 _ 397066 _ pdf

Recording of the Meeting