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Textile Transparency Toolbox - UNECE x Manchester Fashion Institute

11 March 2022 9:00 - 17:00
Hybrid meeting, Kimpton Clocktower Hotel, Manchester United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Manchester Fashion Institute Event

Accelerating action for the sustainable and circular garment and footwear industry of the future – harnessing the potential of innovation for due diligence and informed consumer choices adding a digitally enabled, textile transparency model to the UK textiles 2030 and wrap policy initiatives, connecting to EU and global models:

A  transition  to  circular  economic  models  is  key  to  improved  sustainability  in  the  garment  and footwear sector - a shift that can be realised with verifiable production data, delivered through improved supply chain traceability and transparency.

This one-day forum and industry roundtable is the first in a series of events that aims to provide  fashion  industry  stakeholders  with  the  tools  they  need  to  drive  action  on  sustain-ability  through  transparency  and  advance  progress  towards  circular  economy  approaches  on a national, regional and global scale.

Attendees will learn about the UN-brokered policy recommendations, implementation guidelines, an information exchange standard and call to action, known as ‘The Sustainability Pledge’, adopted at the 27th UN/CEFACT Plenary in April 2021 and how they can be applied in a real-world context.

The forum is co-organised by the UNECE and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Manchester Fashion Institute (MFI), in conjunction with the UNECE project “Enhancing Trace-ability and Transparency for Sustainable and Circular Value Chains in Garment and Footwear”, jointly implemented with the UN’s International Trade Centre (ITC), and financial support from MMU.


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