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Team of Specialists on Environmental, Social and Governance Traceability of Sustainable Value Chains in the Circular Economy - Third Session

23 November 2023 10:00 - 16:00
H-207-208-209 Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland


    The aim of the Team is to promote, facilitate and support policy and regulatory compliance, through ESG traceability approaches in critical sectors (including garment and footwear, agrifood, critical raw materials, waste management) for the digital and the green transformations and the circular economy transition.

    The 3rd session will feature a dialogue on the importance to foster international collaboration along global value chains, build synergies and alignment on the instruments available to support compliance in the ECE region and beyond, in a fast-changing policy and regulatory landscape for sustainability.

    Questions for discussion

    The following are the guiding questions:

    1. Where is global collaboration needed to achieve transparency and traceability at greatly increased scale and which opportunities exist to create it?
    2. What will be the role of the Team of Specialists to support ESG traceability in supporting this collaboration and what are the priority focus areas for the Team?

    Timetable and Presentation

    Background documents

    52157 _ TSVCCE/2022/INF.2 - Report of the second session TSVCCE-2022 _ 384768 _ English _ 773 _ 397508 _ pdf

    Report of the Session

    55600 _ Report of the third session TSVCCE-2023 _ 386757 _ English _ 773 _ 402066 _ pdf
    55600 _ Executive Summary of the report of the third session _ 386791 _ English _ 773 _ 402177 _ pdf