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Revised annotated provisional agenda

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ECE_CTCS_WP.7_GE.2_2024_01_Rev1E.pdf (application/pdf, 189.61 KB)

1. Adoption of the agenda.
2. Matters arising since the last session:
(a) Recent developments in the United Nations, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and its subsidiary bodies;
(b) Recent developments in other organizations.
3. Impact of agricultural quality standards on trade.
4. Capacity-building and promotional activities.
5. Sustainable Development Goal 12 and sustainable food systems: food loss and waste prevention.
6. Development of new standards.
7. Review of existing standards:
(a) Almonds;
(b) Dried tomatoes;
(c) Dates;
(d) Inshell walnuts;
(e) Alignment of standards with the revised standard layout.
8. Explanatory materials:
(a) Explanatory material for cashew kernels;
(b) Explanatory material for almond kernels;
(c) Explanatory material for dried melons, dried persimmons, inshell peanuts and peanut kernels.
9. Harmonized System codes relevant to the work of the Specialized Section.
10. Working Procedures of the Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards and its Specialized Sections.
11. Future work.
12. Other business.
13. Election of officers.
14. Adoption of the report.
II. Annotations