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2023 Meeting - UN/LOCODE Advisory Group

11 May (15:00) - 12 May (18:00) 2023
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland
UN/LOCODE Advisory Group Meeting-2023


The “United Nations Code for Trade and Transport Locations” (UN/LOCODE) is an international standard to identify locations uniquely and unambiguously. It is widely used in the trade community and other areas, such as sustainable fishery, maritime security and environmental protection.  UN/LOCODE is managed and maintained by UNECE with the support of the UN/LOCODE Advisory Group. 

Aiming at a better service to the UN/LOCODE user community and the sustainable development of UN/LOCODE, the UNECE secretariat strives to meet growing demands with limited resources.  The UN/LOCODE Advisory Group meets once per year.

Target Audience

The UN/LOCODE Advisory Group members, representatives of the UN/LOCODE user community, UN/LOCODE Focal Points, and UN/CEFACT experts.

Side Events
  • UN/LOCODE Maintenance Meeting, 11 May 2023 (10:00-11 :30), Hybrid, H-307-2, Palais des Nations
  • UN/LOCODE Advisory Group Meeting, 11 May (15:00) – 12 May (12:30) 2023, Salle XVII, Palais des Nations
  • UN/LOCODE Workshop, 12 May 2023, (14:30-17:00), Hybrid, H-307-2, Palais des Nations

11 May 2023 - 14:40 - 17:30

 Item 1: Adoption of the agenda

Item 2: Introduction of experts

Item 3: Report from the secretariat   PPT

Item 4: New developments and follow-ups

  • Updates on IMO  PPT
  • Presentation on GeoFence   PPT
  • Updates on FAO  PPT
  • Fast-track of an ISO standard  PPT
  • JSON-LD vocabulary  PPT

12 May 2023 - 10:00 - 12:30

Item 5: UN/LOCODE maintenance

  Report from the Maintenance Team  PPT

  Challenges and Practices of NFPs
      China: Official Child Code (OCC) system  PPT
      Japan  PPT

 Report on the maintenance policy meeting   PPT

 Comparison of different location codes from ISO/IEC/ITU  PPT

Item 6: Adoption of the Programme of Work (2024-2025)

Item 7: Future work

Item 8: Other business

Item 9: Adoption of decisions