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Technical Cooperation Strategy

The UNECE technical cooperation  strategy and its principles serve as a general framework for planning and implementing UNECE technical cooperation activities.

UNECE technical cooperation is based on the following principles:

It should be demand driven, results oriented, focused on the countries with economies in transition, and linked to UNECE's normative work.

While implementing its programme of work, UNECE employs three types of technical cooperation services:

  • Advisory services to support countries on policy-related issues, the implementation of the UNECE legal instruments, regulations and norms, and formulation of specific technical cooperation projects/programmes;
  • Capacity-building workshops, seminars, study tours, and training courses to assist countries to adopt and implement global and the UNECE legal instruments, regulations and norms;
  • Technical cooperation projects, including those with multi-sectoral and/or sub-regional focus, in areas where the UNECE has a mandate and expertise.