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Workshop on deployment of type approval procedures in Georgia for efficient implementation of the 1958 Agreement

20 November 2023
Tbilisi Georgia

UNECE is a custodian of wide range of transport-related legal instruments, norms, standards and recommendations which will, if implemented efficiently, assist member States in achieving SDGs. Especially, for road safety related targets, legal instruments developed under the UNECE auspices have assisted many countries in developing and enforcing traffic rules and measures and improving road safety management system; producing safe road vehicles; reducing the risk during the transport of dangerous goods and hazardous materials; and ensuring that only safe and well-maintained vehicles and competent drivers can participate in traffic.
The 1958 Agreement supports the type-approval system and provides for the system of mutual recognition of type approvals between countries that are parties to the Agreement and applying its annexed UN Regulations. The type approval system requires that wheeled vehicles, their equipment and parts are, before market roll-out, "type approved" by a designated national authority - Type Approval Authority (TAA) upon testing carried out by designated Technical Services (entities that are delegated by TAA to carry out tests on vehicles, their equipment and parts, in accordance with the provisions of applicable UN Regulations). In addition, the 1958 Agreement stipulates a "conformity of production" procedure to ensure that each produced and marketed wheeled vehicle, equipment or part is in conformity with the type that was tested and granted approval. It sets the TAAs responsibilities for screening manufacturer's quality management processes, for verifying the existence of adequate arrangements and control plans to ensure a product's conformity, and for continuous verification processes to monitor the continued effectiveness of quality management and product conformity systems and processes. Georgia acceded to the 1958 Agreement on 25 May 2015 and in 2023 asked UNECE for technical assistance on matters related to the realization of Type Approval procedures into the practice.
The aim of the workshop is to strengthen knowledge of Georgian and Moldovan experts on how to efficiently implement provisions of the 1958 Agreement and update national legislation to be in full conformity with the Agreement. The workshop will provide hands-on training on UN regulations for the approval/certification of new wheeled vehicles, type approval, reciprocal recognition under the 1958 Agreement, testing and monitoring methods. The workshop will allow exchange of international and national best practices on efficient implementation of the 1958 Agreement. Furthermore, workshop will strengthen national capacities to improve road safety legislation.


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Session I. What UNECE is doing for better road safety

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Session III. Deployment of type approval procedures in Georgia