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Sub-regional EE21 projects

Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Investments for Climate Change Mitigation (FEEI)
The project is to assist South-Eastern Europe (SEE) and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) countries to enhance their energy efficiency, diminish fuel poverty arising from economic transition and meet international environmental treaty obligations under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The project will develop the skills of the private and public sectors at the local level to identify, develop and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy investment projects; provide assistance to municipal authorities and national governments to introduce economic, institutional and regulatory reforms needed to support these investments; and promote opportunities for banks and commercial companies to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects through the development of new public private partnership investment fund.
The Regional Network for Efficient Use of Energy and Water Resources in Southeast Europe (RENEUER)
RENEUER was founded at the end of 1999 at the initiative of representatives of several countries from the region. It is a tool for promotion of sustainable development of municipalities and regions through rational use of energy and water resources. Within a short time all countries participating in Southeast European Co-operative Initiative (SECI) and the Stability Pact (now Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) joined the Network of the project. This is a typical “bottom up” initiative aimed at facilitating and promoting sustainable development of the municipalities and regions in Southeast Europe through initiatives for efficient use of energy and water resources. RENEUER focuses its activities to accelerate regional networking by enhanced Internet communications to provide value added information on project finance; promote Energy Efficiency Investments on the local (municipal) level, developing skills and capacities and develop regional policies to support energy efficiency investments and the Kyoto Protocol mechanisms.
Increasing Energy Efficiency for Secure Energy Supplies
This project promotes the development of energy efficiency investments projects designed to reduce the domestic consumption of hydrocarbons in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and other Central Asia energy exporters in order to release additional energy resources which could be used for either for domestic consumption or to increase oil and natural gas exports, which will enhance security of supply. Report
Development of the Renewable Energy Sector in the Russian Federation and in CIS Countries
This project promotes interregional cooperation to overcome energy policy, regulatory, institutional and financial barriers to the development of renewable energy resources in the Russian Federation and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The expected accomplishments of the project include the increased capacity of national and regional experts to identify and adopt measures to overcome barriers to the development of renewable energy resources as well as an enhanced investment climate for deployment of renewable energy technologies in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Read more
Enhancing Synergies in the CIS National Programmes on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving for Greater Energy Security The main objective of the project is to enhance synergies among the CIS countries promoting energy efficiency and energy saving improvements in order to strengthen countries' energy security and competitiveness. Read more