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Pathways to Sustainable Energy – Early Warning System Concept

Pathways to Sustainable Energy-Early Warning System Concept
Early Warning System Concept highlights the important aspect of the early warning and planning system including those specific to adaptive policy pathways for sustainable energy.

Sustainable energy policies affect the global economy and environment. These global changes can be tracked and incorporated in the model making the regional monitoring process more realistic and relevant. Any deviations can lead to a revision of the initial targets and the adjustment of sustainable energy aims. The sustainable energy targets and updated input assumptions can then be used to model adaptive pathways towards these targets. Insights from the modelling activity can then be used to aid the policy design with the latest information.

Given a suitable organisation, this process can become iterative. It is estimated that this process would have to be repeated every couple of years to allow enough time for the policy to produce notable results and changes in the global system to be incorporated. The overall concept facilitates the use of scenarios to show how and by which methods and indicators unforeseen and undesirable developments can be identified early and reliably. This approach allows the development of an understanding of the likely origins of the undesirable developments, allowing rapid intervention in the sectors concerned.