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Hard Talks in ECE Countries on How to Increase Renewable Energy (Advanced Version)

 Hard Talks in ECE Countries on How to Increase Renewable Energy Uptake
This publication explores the outcomes of Hard Talks carried out in Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Serbia and Ukraine, from 2016 until early 2019. The study provides an outline of the energy profiles, renewable energy status, targets and policies of selected UNECE countries. Accordingly, it analyses the barriers against fostering more renewable energy investments and the solutions and recommendations for unlocking the renewable energy potential as derived from the Hard Talks.
Although the UNECE region comprises countries considerably diverse and distinct in terms of their energy system, they share similar barriers when it comes to increasing the deployment of renewable energy technologies. Countries face a number of power market, permit, social acceptance, resource and technology, grid/transmission, counterparty, financial sector, political and currency/macroeconomic risks against increasing their renewable energy shares. This study is intended to share experiences of specific UNECE countries and support ongoing efforts of the whole UNECE region to develop its renewable energy portfolio and provide recommendations to achieve the countries’ renewable energy commitments.