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Deployment of Renewable Energy : The Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem Nexus Approach to Support the Sustainable Development Goals

Deployment of Renewable Energy

The water-energy-food-ecosystems nexus approach comes in with the objective of promoting coordination and integrated planning and sustainable management of interlinked resources across sectors, which could speed up the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The nexus could leverage deployment of renewable energy across the Goals. The meaning of “nexus”, in the context of energy, water, and food refers to the inseparable linkage of these sectors, so that actions in one sector commonly have impacts on the others, as well as on ecosystems. The purpose of this policy brief - jointly prepared with the Environment Division - is to encourage the consideration of good practices and policies for intersectoral synergies in the context of the nexus and for limiting negative impacts in deploying renewable energy in the UNECE region and improving it sustainably.