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UNFC National Workshop for Cuba

07 - 09 October 2015
Havana Cuba


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Presentations ENG FRE RUS
Day 1. Monday 7 December      
Workshop Introduction PDF    
Presentation of the resource persons PDF    
Session 1: United Nations Framework Classification for Fossil Energy and Mineral Reserves and Resources, UNFC 2009      
UNFC-2009: An introduction, Charlotte Griffiths PDF    
UNFC-2009: How it works, David MacDonald PDF    
UNFC-2009: Specifications for Application of UNFC, Q/A,  David MacDonald                         PDF    
Session 2: UNFC 2009 used for minerals      
CRISCO Template based specifications for solid minerals Q/A, Edmundo Tulcanaza PDF    
Day 2. Tuesday 8 December      
Session 2: UNFC 2009 used for minerals continued      
Cuba Classification of Mineral Resources, Principles and examples, ONRM (presentation delivered in Spanish) PDF    
UNFC-2009 application for Comprehensive Extraction projects and alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Hari Tulsidas PDF    
Session 3: UNFC 2009 used for Petroleum      
PRMS based specifications for petroleum resources, David MacDonald PDF    
Cuba classification of Petroleum Resources, Principles and examples, ONRM,(Presentation delivered in Spanish) PDF    
Session 4: Mapping of the Cuban Mineral Classification and Petroleum Classification to UNFC-2009      
Introduction to Mapping and Bridging- Principles and Practice, Per Blystad PDF    
Day 3. Wednesday 9 December      
Suggested mapping of Cuban Mineral Classification to UNFC-2009, Hari Tulsidas PDF    
Session 5: UNFC-2009 used for Uranium and Thorium      
Bridging Document and Guidelines Q/A, Hari Tulsidas PDF    
Session 6: UNFC 2009 for other commodities      
Renewable Resources, David MacDonald PDF    
Injection Projects Q/A, Per Blystad PDF    
Group Exercises: UNFC exercises on petroleum, nickel and uranium PDF