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Renewable Energy Investment from Nexus Perspective

14 November 2018
Kyiv Ukraine
Presentations ENG FRE RUS
Nazir Ramazanov, Chairman, 5th Session Group of Experts on
Renewable Energy
Radia Sedaoui, Chief energy section, Sustainable Development Policies Division:
Natural Resource Managemeet with a nexus approach, Policies and Operational
Tools: Role of Renewable Energy Technologies
Annuka Lipponen, Environmental Affairs Officer, UNECE: Methodology in a mature
State: coupled technical and governance analysis, open and flexible framework
Kostiantyn Gura, State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy saving of Ukraine:
Investment opportunities of Renwable Energy in Ukraine
Nadejda Komendantova, IIASA: Deployment of concentrated Solar Power (CSP) in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region and the need of water-energy-nexus PDF    
Bekbergen Kerey, Deputy Director of department for International
Cooperation on Economic Integration, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan