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Improving the Resilience of Energy Systems through Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Demand-Side Perspective and Cross-Sectoral Approach

Joint workshop of the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency and the Group of Experts on Renewable Energy

05 October 2022 14:00 - 17:00
Room XXII, Building E, Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland

Multiple crises and challenges impact the progress towards the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and of the Paris Agreement targets.

Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy has a multiplier effect on economies and critically affects supply chains. Increasing energy resilience is therefore of utmost importance.

The interactive workshop will be organized around two sets of ‘impulses’, will focus on how energy users, notably but not limited to industry, can improve their energy resilience, and will showcase how to identify a set of feasible measures tailored to an individual case and to identify their economic viability. Practical experience shared by companies will provide examples on how these measures can be pursued as well as how digital solutions can help. Multipliers will further highlight go-to points or practical first steps and guide to self-enabling tools.

The workshop is is aimed on policymakers, facilitators, multipliers, service providers, manufacturers, experts, engineers, financiers, and strategists, and is jointly organized by the Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency and the Group of Experts on Renewable Energy in the framework of Sustainable Energy Expert Week 2022 and the twelfth International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development.

Concept note and tentative timeline

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