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Capacity-Building Workshop and Stakeholders’ Consultations on Capture and Use of CMM and Transition of the Coal Mining Sector in Ukraine

15 - 17 September 2021
Kyiv Ukraine
Kyiv CMM 2021

Ukraine is embarking on the process of modernization of its coal industry and is determined to do so in accordance with the principles of Just Transition and in an alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As the mandate of the Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane has recently been expanded to include also matters related to just transition, the Group of Experts offered its assistance in that field.

During the event, which is to be the first of the series, the concept of Just Transition was explored and the prospects for its application in Ukraine were discussed.

The more profound Ukraine's transition towards low-carbon energy and green economy, the more competitive its national economy will become. However, any proposed changes must be economically feasible, as well as socially acceptable. Therefore a strategy encompassing all aspects (social, economic, and environmental) and aiming for a long-term development of coal-dependent regions is necessary. Without an all-encompassing approach, undertaken projects will be developed in silos and will not add up to a strategy allowing to change the economic profile of the regions in question.

Room Kyiv CMM 2021

Alongside the main event, a small targeted workshop on the recent developments in the fields of capture and utilization of coal mine methane in Ukraine was organized. Among the selected attendees there were representatives of the Ministry of Energy, relevant research institutes, and the industry.