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Technology Interplay under Carbon Neutrality Concept

CO2 neutrality

This activity builds on the Carbon Neutrality Framework and developed Technology Briefs under the scope of Carbon Neutrality project. A series of dialogues are planned with wider stakeholder community and modelling institutions to refine data and technology assumptions, assess contribution of different technologies to attain carbon neutrality and develop policy guidelines for low-carbon technologies.

Technology assumptions will be verified on four levels: i) technology cost curves and lead times – assumptions are based on the technology cost estimation including capital cost and fixed operational and maintenance cost assumptions; ii) technology readiness level – assumptions are based on estimated technology maturity that take into consideration pilot projects, program concepts, technology requirements, demonstrated technology capabilities; iii) market or societal readiness level – assumptions are based on the level of policy makers awareness of the specific technology, how the technology fits national plans as well as whether and how the policy makers are incorporating it into national frameworks; iv) environmental impact assessment – assumptions are based on the assessment of both positive and negative environmental consequences of a specific technology.


Presentations  & Recordings

Task Force Call 1

Preliminary data from MESSAGE Model - IIASA

Life Cycle Assessment of Selected Technologies - LIST

Consultations 1

Introduction to MESSAGE Model - IIASA

Preliminary data for Central Asia

Preliminary data for Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

Preliminary data for South East Europe

Technology deep dives

Preliminary results on Life Cycle Assessment - LIST

Task Force Call 2
Refined data - Scenarios - MESSAGE - IIASA
Refined data - Life Cycle Assessment - LIST
Communicating data - Technology Interplay - UNECE
Consultations 2
Preliminary final results - MESSAGE - IIASA
Preliminary final results - Life Cycle Assessment - LIST
Life-cycle assessment of electricity generation options
Достижение углеродной нейтральности в регионе ЕЭК ООН
Corrigendum to June issue of LCA report
Technology Interplay under Carbon Neutrality Concept
Rebuilding Ukraine under the Resilient Carbon-Neutral Energy System Concept
Carbon Neutrality Toolkit English and Russian