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Carbon Neutral Energy Intensive Industries


CO2 neutrality

Energy intensive industries are one of the key greenhouse gas emitters, accounting for about 25% of total CO2 emissions globally. The decarbonisation of industries producing cement, iron and steel, and chemicals/petrochemicals is a top priority to attain carbon neutrality and Paris Agreement targets.

These industries are the backbone for modern economies, and they will play an important role in driving a low-carbon post-Covid recovery – among many other uses, steel and concrete structures are required for wind power; thermal insulation for energy efficiency; lightweight materials for electric cars.

Plenty of challenges remain to achieving a carbon-neutral industry. They include a wide range of unreplaceable energy-intensive carbon-emitting industrial processes, low-profit margins for commodity products in a global competitive environment and the expected rise of demand for carbon-intensive materials in sectors, such as buildings, transport, and health care. 


Online Workshop - 14 April 2021 - documents & presentations available here

Dialogue at COP26 - 3 November 2021Carbon Neutrality Beyond Borders: Carbon neutral energy intensive industries

Dialogue at COP 27 - Enabling the Circular Carbon Economy: Upscaling Regional Cooperation for Sustainable Development - 11 November 2022, 10:15-11:15, SDG Pavilion

Technology Brief on Carbon Neutral Energy Intensive Industries