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Steven Van Garsse

Steven van Garsse
Steven Van Garsse specialises in administrative law, in particular the field of public procurement, public-private partnerships, government goods, privatisation, semi-governmental organisations and public companies. Steven studied law at the University of Antwerp and the University of Liège. His doctoral dissertation (PhD) analysed PPPs and concessions.
Steven heads the Flemish PPP Knowledge Centre, a unit within that is part of the Services for the General Government Policy department in Brussels.
Steven is since many years an active member of the team of specialists on PPPs, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. He has written many articles on PPPs, government real estate and public procurement and is editor- in-chief of a loose-leaf on the externalisation of public services, board member of the European Procurement & Public Private Partnerships Law Review (EPPPL) and a member of several PPP projects and working groups on PPPs.
Steven is lastly also part-time academic director at the Antwerp Management School and lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Antwerp.