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Task Forces on the CES Recommendations on Populations and Housing Censuses for the 2030 round

Contact person: Ms. Fiona Willis-Núñez

Objective: The next revision of the CES Recommendations on Population and Housing Censuses is due to be published in 2025, to guide countries in preparing and conducting censuses of the 2030 round. The ever-increasing pace of change in technology, techniques for collecting and processing data, available data sources, user demand and public perceptions means that some areas of the Recommendations will need to be revised, and some areas to be added, expanded upon, or reduced. 

The Recommendations will be developed by a number of Task Forces on the following topics:

  1. Emergency preparedness and contingency planning
  2. Quality assessment and quality management
  3. Enumeration methods
  4. Technology
  5. Population concepts and related definitions
  6. Economic characteristics
  7. Migration and mobility (national and international)
  8. Household & family characteristics
  9. Sex and gender
  10. Housing topics
  11. Geospatial information and small area statistics for censuses
  12. Dissemination of disaggregated census data
  13. Communication and outreach.

The objective of each Task Force is to review the 2020 Recommendations and prepare a revised version for the 2030 Recommendations.  The revised Recommendations should reflect the diversity of national contexts among CES countries, in areas such as census methodologies, resources, data needs and priorities, cultural environment, and long-term strategic directions of National Statistical Offices (NSOs). They must also take into account the specific needs or requirements of regional groups of countries, such as the countries of the European Union, to ensure that the CES Recommendations allow and aid member countries to fulfil their obligations to these bodies.