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Recommendations for Promoting, Measuring and Communicating the Value of Official Statistics

 In a world where huge amounts of data are being generated all the time, and where citizens can look up almost anything they want, official statistics must stand out as a unique sourceof impartial and trustworthy information. The Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics – based on professional independence, scientific methods and rigorous quality criteria – give official statistics their powerful competitive advantage.
This publication showcases the value of official statistics and provides recommendations for statistical offices on ways to promote, measure and communicate this value.
It includes practical tools for official statisticians: a one-page summary of the value of official statistics; analysis of the value for different stakeholders; an overview of measurement approaches, including monetizing the value; and generic user survey questions for statistical offices.
These Recommendations were developed by a UNECE Task Force composed of experts from national and international statistical organizations, and have been endorsed by the Heads of statistical offices of more than 60 countries.
A wiki platform for exchange of good practices, developed by the Task Force to help statistical offices apply the Recommendations, is available at

PDF version:
Download: ENG (3.73 MB); FRE (2.25); RUS (6.63)