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Task Force on Statistics on Children, Adolescents, and Youth

Contact person: Ms. Kristen Jeffers


The objective of the Task Force is to  prepare  guidance  to  improve  the  availability,  quality,  and  comparability  of  statistics   on   children,   adolescents,   and   youth and   to   work   towards   the   goal   of    recommendations  for  more  consistent  and  harmonized  definitions,  methodologies,  and approaches across the countries participating in the Conference of European Statisticians.

The Task Force will work in two phases, beginning with an overview of the current situation concerning definitions, standards, and methods used in the statistics on children, adolescents, and youth, and then addressing three focus areas in more detail:

  • Violence against children, adolescents, and youth;
  • Children and adolescents in institutional care;
  • Children, adolescents and youth with disabilities.

Terms of Reference