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Steering Group on Climate Change-Related Statistics

Contact person: Malgorzata Cwiek

The work of the Steering Group is conducted within the framework of the Conference of European Statisticians and its Bureau, and is currently chaired by Canada. The objective of the Steering Group is to provide direction to the CES work on climate change-related statistics, identify and address emerging issues and facilitate the implementation of CES guidelines in this area.

The Steering Group carries out the following activities:

  • Steer the CES activities on climate change-related statistics and coordinate with other relevant groups, bodies and international organizations working on related topics;
  • Act as an organizing committee to the annual UNECE Expert Forum for Producers and Users of Climate Change-Related Statistics, and other related expert events that may be organised;
  • Oversee any CES task forces on climate change-related statistics;
  • Identify areas of climate change-related statistics that require further methodological work or where practical guidance would need to be developed;
  • Provide advice on methodological work on climate change-related statistics, including new areas, methods or data sources;
  • Promote and enable multiple avenues of sharing ideas and good practices and peer-to-peer learning;
  • Follow up on countries’ progress in implementing the CES guidelines and recommendations on climate change-related statistics;
  • Advise on and identify options for capacity development on climate change-related statistics, including strengthening of underlying data;
  • Collaborate closely with international organisations active in this domain, discuss the roles and responsibilities of the statistical community and support exchange of experience and knowledge between the statistical community and other producers and users of climate change-related data.

Terms of reference (October 2023)
Progress report  (October 2023)

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