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High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics

modernstasts by HLG-MOS


The High-Level Group for the Modernisation of Official Statistics (HLG-MOS) was established by the Conference of European Statisticians to advance the modernisation of official statistics. It consists of Chief Statisticians of thirteen national and international organisations (Chaired by Canada) who set the vision, mission and priority topics in the field.

The HLG-MOS provides a collaborative platform for experts in statistics organisations to develop strategies and solutions in a flexible and agile way. It has made several important contributions to the modernisation of official statistics such as the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) and the Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM). The HLG-MOS projects in areas of machine learningsynthetic databig data and strategic communication spearheaded the implementation of new technologies, methods and other capabilities in statistical organisations. 

The work of HLG-MOS is open to all who are willing to contribute to the advancement and modernisation of official statistics. Many colleagues have contributed to the output and every year, about 500 colleagues actively participate in the programme activities while thousands of colleagues benefit indirectly by collaborating with members or by participating in the expert meetings, workshops and webinars organised under the HLG-MOS work programme. 

The activities for 2024 can be found in Work Programme 2024. For more information, visit the HLG-MOS wiki page and the list of HLG-MOS outputs

Stay informed with the latest developments by following the HLG-MOS page on LinkedIn.