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Making Data Meaningful

Four practical guides to help managers, statisticians and media relations officers in statistical organizations use text and visualizations to bring statistics to life for non-statisticians; find the best way to get their message across or define strategies for improving statistical literacy.

The guides are available in various languages. Print copies of the English version can be obtained free of charge (Part 2 is out of stock) by clicking here, indicating the publication title, the language and postal address. For more information about the Russian version, please click here



Part 1: A guide to writing stories about numbers

The first guide provides guidelines and examples on the use of effective writing techniques to make data meaningful.    



Part 2: A guide to presenting statistics

The second guide provides guidelines and examples on preparing effective tables, charts and maps, and using other forms of visualizations to make data meaningful. It also offers advice on how to avoid bad or misleading visual presentations.          
  • 统计数据展示指南 - Chinese translation kindly provided by the National Bureau Statistics of China in cooperation with China Offices of UNICEF and UNFPA (3.4 Mb)
MDM 2 is now available on Apple iBooks Store:



Part 3: A guide to communicating with the media

The third guide aims to help producers of statistics find the best way to get their message across and to communicate effectively with the media. It contains suggestions, guidelines and examples.        



Part 4: A guide to improving statistical literacy

The fourth volume of Making Data Meaningful provides an overview of current initiatives and define strategies for improving the statistical literacy of different user groups.