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Workshop on Financial Accounts

14 - 16 November 2022
Brussels Belgium


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Documents/ Presentations
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Report PDF PDF
Provisional Timetable PDF PDF
Session 1: Role and Uses of Financial Accounts
Session 1: Video recording Part1, Part 2    
Role and uses of the Financial Accounts, IMF PDF PDF
Financial accounts and economic analysis at the ECB – a few examples PDF PDF
The (Policy) Use of financial accounts data in the Netherlands PDF PDF
Role and uses of financial Accounts in Iceland  PDF PDF
Session 2: Conceptual issues    
Session 2: Video recording    
Position of FA in the sequence of accounts, units and sectors, consolidation, whom to whom tables, Eurostat PDF PDF
Financial instruments, valuation, IMF PDF PDF
  Exercise  Word Word
  Solution  Word Word
Session 3: Practical issues    
3.1 Data sources    
Session 3.1: Video recording    
Compilation of Financial Accounts: Results from the Country Survey PDF PDF
Overview of the main data sources used for compilation, IMF PDF PDF
Financial Accounts Statistics in NBRNM, concept, development and analysis, North Macedonia PDF PDF
Turkish Financial Accounts: Data Sources and Related Issues, Turkiye PDF PDF
3.2 Organization of financial accounts compilation    
Session 3.2: Video recording    
Cooperation between the Dutch Central Bank and Statistics Netherlands PDF PDF
For information: CBS-DNB Cooperation Agreement on the joint production and publication of statistics PDF  
Distribution of Responsibilities for the Compilation of Financial Accounts, Turkiye PDF PDF
Institutional arrangements for the preparation of financial accounts and distribution of responsibilities, Armenia PDF PDF
Organization of financial accounts compilation in Iceland PDF PDF
Institutional arrangements in EU countries for the compilation of financial accounts, ECB and Eurostat PDF PDF
  Breakout questions PDF PDF
3.3: Ensuring consistency in practice    
Session 3.3: Video recording    
Consistency and balancing, IMF PDF PDF
Aiming for consistency–Institutional co-operation, Iceland PDF PDF
  Exercise Word Word
  Solution  Word Word
Session 4: Conclusions and future work    
Session 4: Video recording