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Joint OECD/UNECE Seminar on the Implementation of SEEA

13 - 14 February 2020
Palais des Nations Geneva Switzerland


Document Title
Documents Presentations
  Concept Note ENG   --      
  Provisional Programme ENG   RUS      
  Report ENG   --      
Session I -  Opening and Introduction
  Overview on SEEA-related activities of International Organisations       ENG   --
  Global SEEA databases (OECD)       ENG   --
  Update from the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental-Economic Accounting       ENG   --
  London group 2019-2021       ENG   --
Session II - Measuring circular economy with SEEA
  Information needs for the transition towards a circular economy (OECD)       ENG   --
  Circular economy: setting the scene (Eurostat)       ENG   --
  Measuring and monitoring the circular economy in Europe (EEA)       ENG   --
  Circular Economy in Colombia       ENG   --
  Recycling data - Can statistics be reused as circular economy indicators? (Finland)       ENG   --
  How can SEEA be used to measure the circular economy? (Netherlands)       ENG   --
  Measuring the circular economy and plastic waste (Canada)       ENG   --
  Circular economy and the product cycle (Mexico)       ENG   --
Session III - Measuring the Environmental goods and services sector (EGSS)
  Introduction to EGSS (Eurostat)       ENG   --
  UK Policy Applications of the Environmental Accounts - EGSS (U.K.)       ENG   --
  Areas of work of the International Labour Organization using EGSS statistics       ENG   --
  Environmental Goods and Services Sector (EGSS) statistics in Kazahkstan       ENG   RUS
  Technical implementation of EGSS (Germany)       ENG   --
Session IV - SEEA experimental ecosystem accounting (SEEA EEA)
  Developing SEEA-EEA in Europe and Eastern Partnership countries       ENG   --
  Implementation of SEEA and Ecosystem Accounts in the Russian Federation       ENG   RUS
  Development of the Ecosystem extent account and valuation of grassland ecosystem services in Estonia       ENG   --
  Macroeconomic tools and ecosystem accounts       ENG   --
  ENCA-QSP System to produce SEEA-EEA thematic ecosystem accounts (VITO)       ENG    
Session V - Conclusions and recommendations for further work
   Group picture and conclusions       ENG    
Background documents and posters
   Poster No.1 - Ecosystem water and carbon accounts       ENG   --
   Poster No. 2 - Prospects for establishing an asset account for non-forest resources in Indonesia       ENG   --
   Poster No. 3 - SEEA physical flow accounts for water in Belarus       ENG   RUS
   Poster No. 4 - Implementation of the SEEA in the Russian Federation       ENG   RUS
   Poster No. 5 - Water accounts in Armenia       ENG