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7th Expert Meeting on Statistics for Sustainable Development Goals

12 April (9:30) - 13 April (17:30) 2023
Geneva Switzerland

The seventh Expert Meeting on Statistics for Sustainable Development Goals is aimed at experts from national statistical offices, international organizations and other stakeholders involved in the production, communication and coordination of the reporting of statistics for SDGs. The meeting focuses on strategic issues and serves as a platform to share experiences, good practices and lessons learned; to showcase innovative solutions to the challenges faced; and to identify priorities for future methodological and capacity-development work in this area.

Please register before 15 March 2023. Please inform the secretariat if you would like to submit a paper by 17 February 2023 (call for papers).

Session 1: Steering Group and related groups on SDGs – progress updates

Session 2: Shrinking resources and partnerships with policy makers

Session 3: Disaggregation and inclusive data

Session 4: Expanding the SDGs monitoring with non-traditional data sources

Session 5: Benefits from using the SDG Data Lab