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Special Envoy Promotes Use of Quality Helmets in Viet Nam

On 19-20 March, the Special Envoy travelled to Viet Nam to participate in the launch of the #3500LIVES campaign organized by the FIA and to deliver remarks in his Special Envoy capacity, promoting use of quality helmets. The Special Envoy held bilateral meetings with the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Transport of Thailand, and the Mayor of Hanoi. During the meetings, the Special Envoy provided an overview of his activities aligned with four pillars of his assigned mandate. Speaking about the road safety situation in Viet Nam and its challenges, motorcycle safety was highlighted among key issues.

In Viet Nam, two- and three- wheelers represent 95 per cent of all vehicles, and the Special Envoy recommended to increase the uptake of quality helmet use, which meet internationally acceptable safety standards. He further encouraged establishing a complete national road safety system as a means to comprehensively address road safety in Viet Nam as well as accession and successful implementation of all six United Nations road safety conventions. (Currently Viet Nam is a contracting party to two 1968 Conventions). The Special Envoy also shared about the recently established UNRSTF, aimed at supporting Member States in their road safety efforts and ultimately reducing economic loss resulting from road traffic crashes. 

The Special Envoy met bilaterally with the following government officials:

o Mr. Truong Hoa Binh, Deputy Prime Minister

o Mr. Nguyen Van The, Minister of Transport 

o Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung, Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee, Mayor of Hanoi