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UNECE B2B conference “Innovation for the Circular Economy: Bridging Start-Ups and Corporations”

18 October 2023 9:00 - 12:00
Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation (Room: Amphitheatre) Tashkent Uzbekistan

The worldwide revenue of circular economy transactions is estimated to total roughly $713 billion in 2026. Participating in the circular economy market can thus help Uzbekistan to reap numerous economic, environmental, and social benefits. UNECE B2B conference “Innovation for the Circular Economy: Bridging Start-Ups and Corporations” will focus on how to empower collaboration between start-ups and corporations in Uzbekistan to innovate for the circular transition and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The multi-stakeholder discussion will provide an opportunity to identify how good practices in supporting B2B collaboration for the circular economy can be applied in Uzbekistan, highlighting the role of business incubators and accelerators (BIAs).

The session will start with a keynote speech by Mr. Ken Webster, Doctor of Science, a world-leading expert in sustainability, pioneered the circular economy, and until recently Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Mr. Webster will provide an overview and background on the topic of the circular economy, emphasizing its significance for both Uzbekistan's economic development and the environment, as well as for the competitiveness of companies.

After that, the first panel conversation will center around two crucial actors in the circular economy-innovation ecosystem: start-up support institutions and corporations. Both parties have important roles to play in supporting start-ups and creating markets for the circular economy. Practitioners from Uzbekistan and the region will share their experiences in building B2B collaborations in the circular economy, identifying weaknesses and needs for both BIAs and start-ups, as well as corporations, and providing food for thought for Central Asian policymakers.

The second panel conversation will be a practical conversation with start-ups from Uzbekistan, who will present their circular economy projects. Panelists will provide comments regarding the viability of their business models, offering advice, and discussing scalability opportunities in Uzbekistan and in SPECA participating countries.

This event will be followed by the Fourth Session of the SPECA Working Group on Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Development and Subregional workshop | UNECE


51410 _ Draft programme (as of 12 October 2023) _ 384129 _ English _ 773 _ 395796 _ pdf
51410 _ Draft programme (as of 12 October 2023) _ 384129 _ Russian _ 864 _ 395797 _ pdf


52996 _ Ken Webster, Introduction to the Circular Economy _ 384880 _ Russian _ 864 _ 397699 _ pdf
52996 _ Wasteless _ 384837 _ Russian _ 864 _ 397602 _ pdf
52996 _ Kadyrovs’ Hydraulic Pump _ 384838 _ Russian _ 864 _ 397603 _ pdf
52996 _ Yanguraz upcycling _ 384839 _ Russian _ 864 _ 397604 _ pdf
52996 _ Circular Economy in the Coca-Cola Company _ 384902 _ Russian _ 864 _ 397757 _ PDF


56824 _ Report _ 387722 _ English _ 773 _ 404334 _ pdf