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2019 SPECA Economic Forum

Connectivity: Trade and Transport Facilitation and Sustainable Development in the SPECA Region

20 - 21 November 2019
Ashgabat Turkmenistan
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Annex I Registration form word -
Annex II Visa application form pdf -
Annex III Visa application questionnaire pdf -
Programme pdf pdf
Background Paper pdf pdf
Brief analytical study, Russian only   pdf
Ashgabat Initiative pdf pdf
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Title Speaker Eng Rus
How to propel Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in the SPECA Subregion Mr. Rumen Dobrinsky pdf -
UNECE Activities for Better Transport Connectivity Mr. Yuwei Li pdf -
ESCAP Activities for Sustainable Transport Connectivity Mr. Weimin Ren pdf -
Trade Facilitation and Connectivity in ECO Region Mr. Sayed Yahia Akhlaqi pdf -
Development of Efficient Corridors: Operationalization of EATL Mr. Georgios Georgiadis pdf -
Transport Connectivity in SPECA Region Mr. Edouard Chong pdf -
EBRD Activities for Better Transport Connectivity Mr. Fatih Turkmenoglu pdf -
UN Legal Instruments - efficient mechanism of enhancement of transport corridors in SPECA Region  Mr. Berik Bulekbaev - pdf
IRU activities on sustainable transport operations Mr. Viacheslav Vikentiev pdf -
Transport and Logistics in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Mr. Anatoly Molokovich - pdf
WTO and TFA Benefits Ms. Sheri Rosenow pdf -
Review on Trade Facilitation Measures in SPECA countries Ms. Larisa Kislyakova - pdf
Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation in Asia and the Pacific: Key findings from the UN Global Survey 2019 Mr. Yann Duval pdf -
Instruments for streamlining information exchange Mr. Mario Apostolov pdf pdf
UNCTAD ASYCUDA Programme: Promoting Connectivity of SPECA Region through electronic Customs Data Exchange Mr. Dmitry Godunov pdf -
Private Sector Involvement in TF Reforms Mr. Pierre Bonthonneau pdf -
Enhancing Connectivity and Freight in Central Asia (ITF-OECD report) Mr. William Tompson pdf -
Achieving Trade Facilitation and Sustainable Development in the SPECA Region Ms. Christina Schmahl pdf -