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Seventy-eighth session of the Global Forum for Road Traffic Safety (WP.1)

On 25 March, the Special Envoy addressed representatives of 38 Member States at the opening of the 78th session of WP.1 alongside ECE Executive Secretary, Chair of the Global Forum and a special guest of the session, FIA Road Safety Ambassador and Formula One driver, who shared his story about his 2009 Formula One crash, which sparked progress in helmet safety research.


In his opening remarks, the Special Envoy emphasized the importance of combined efforts to address road safety and highlighted the lifesaving impact of United Nations road safety conventions.
Following the event, and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Conventions, the Special Envoy hosted a celebratory event, which brought together high-level speakers form the Member States to discuss the role of conventions in facilitating international road traffic and improving road safety in their countries.