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Fifty-seventh session of the Commission

07 - 10 May 2002
Palais des Nations, Geneva Switzerland



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/2002/37 -
Annual report (12 May 2001 - 10 May 2002) PDF PDF  PDF 
E/ECE/1391/Rev. 2 Provisional agenda for the fifty-seventh session
(7-10 May 2002) - Revision 2  (1st day pictures) (2nd day pictures)
  Programme - Spring Seminar "Labour market challenges in the ECE region", Monday, 6 May 2002  (pictures) PDF     
  Programme - Agenda item 2: "The policy implications of the Spring Seminar", Tuesday, 7 May 2002 PDF     
  Programme - Agenda item 4: "Economic aspects of security in Europe", Wednesday, 8 May 2002 PDF     
  Provisional agenda item 2: Labour market responses to population ageing and other socio-demographic change
(Issue paper by András Klinger, Demographic Committee, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
  Provisional agenda item 2: Gender aspects of changes in the labour markets in transition economies
(Issue paper by Ewa Ruminska-Zimny, Regional Adviser on Gender and Economy, UNECE)
  Provisional agenda item 2: Foreign direct investment, industrial restructuring and local labour markets in the transition economies of central and eastern Europe: issues for debate
(Issue paper by Werner Sengenberger, Former Director of the Employment Department of the ILO)
E/ECE/1392 Provisional agenda item 4: Economic aspects of security in Europe (Note by the Executive Secretary) PDF  PDF  PDF
E/ECE/1393 Provisional agenda item 8: Progress report on ECE technical assistance
(Report by the Chairman of the Group of Experts on the Programme of Work)
Conference Room Papers  
CRP.1 The economic dimension to security: new challenges and new approaches (Note by the Executive Secretary) PDF    
CRP.2 Role of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe in addressing threats against economic infrastructure PDF    
CRP.3 Strengthening the Organization (UNECE secretariat's self-assessment) PDF   PDF
CRP.4 Review of operational activities undertaken in 2001
(Note by the Executive Secretary)
CRP.5 Preparations for and follow-up to world conferences
(Note by the Executive Secretary)
CRP.6 ECE Annual Session - Report by the Chairperson of the Group of Experts on the Programme of Work PDF