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Riding towards the green economy: cycling and green jobs, is an advance executive summary of a new study undertaken in the context of the Transport, Health
At the Fourth High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment in April 2014, governments adopted the Paris Declaration - City in motion: People first, which carries forward the four priority goals from the 2009 Amsterdam Declaration and a new, fifth goal was added. Countries have also adopted a new THE PEP vision “Green and healthy transport for sustainable livelihoods for all” and
At the Fourth High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment held in Paris in 2014, countries adopted the Paris Declaration, which carries forward the four priority goals from the 2009 Amsterdam Declaration, and added a fifth one, in preparation for the Fifth High-level Meeting to take place in 2019 in Vienna.
The Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) partnership on jobs in green and healthy transport is exploring potential job creation through greener, healthier, more efficient transport. This
This report encapsulates the past 12 years of progress made under the Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) since its launch in 2002. The report underlines some of the achievements between the adoption
A national transport, health and environment action plan (NTHEAP) is a key tool and mechanism for developing sustainable and healthy transport in a country. NTHEAPs provide a comprehensive and intersectoral way of planning and
A new Partnership as a follow-up to THE PEP High level Meeting in Amsterdam in 2009 and its Goal 1 as well as THE PEP 2010 Symposium on green and healthy-friendly investments and jobs in transport.DocumentENGFRERUSGreen and Healthy jobs in transportPDF-PDF
At the Third High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and Environment in January 2009, governments adopted the Amsterdam Declaration - Making THE Link, Transport choices for our Health, Environment and Prosperity, giving renewed political impetus to THE PEP and agreed 4 priority goals to be reached by 2014 and concrete mechanisms to achieve them. Document Title ENG FRERUSSymbol No. ECE/AC.
This brochure on the Pan-European Programme on Transport, Health and Environment (THE PEP) lays out the four Amsterdam Goals adopted by Ministers at the Third High-level meeting on Transport, Health and Environment (January 2009, Amsterdam) and describes the link between urban problems stemming from unsustainable transport including: air pollution, noise emissions, climate change and energy
This report reviews developments and progress in transport, health and environment since 1997. While transportation is an integral part of economic and social development and is essential to the functioning of all societies, the report shows that current patterns of transport and travel are not sustainable with increasing pressures, in particular on urban areas. Document Title ENG
This brochure is intended to provide guidance and support to political decision makers in their efforts to ensure more sustainable development by strengthening policy integration among relevant sectors of government and to incorporate stakeholders into the decision-making process. Document Title ENG FRE RUSSymbol No. ECE/AC.21/1
This report assesses the effectiveness of THE PEP in improving communication, cooperation and collaboration among the three sectors (transport, health, and environment) and its impact on the development of intersectoral policies and strategies in Member States with regard to the integration of environmental and health concerns into transport policy. The report also assesses the institutional