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Digital, Green Transformations

Digital, Green Transformations


The 70th Commission session will have a high-level theme of “digital and green transformations for sustainable development in the ECE region” (ECE/EX/2021/32). Working Party 6 has integrated this topic into its programme of work. The digitalization of measuring tools in metrology provides increased accuracy and regularity. Technology is integrated in more and more products and this can affect other aspects of quality infrastructure such as the testing rules that apply in products that integrate technologies. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve process such as risk assessment, but at the same time can present challenges when integrated into products.

In Focus

The WP.6 32nd annual session featured a panel discussion on digital and green transformations. The presentation and deliberations are available on the event website.

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Moving towards a digital and green economy: the importance of standardization and harmonized policies