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About environment policy

  We improve environmental governance by mobilizing consensus and formulating environmental policy, developing international environmental law and supporting international initiatives. We also help member countries put these norms and rules into practice by organizing seminars, workshops and advisory missions and by publishing guidance and compilations of best practice in numerous areas of pollution prevention and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Committee on Environmental Policy

We help individual countries in transition improve their environmental performance by assessing their efforts to reduce pollution and manage their natural resources, and by making targeted recommendations.

Environmental Performance Reviews Programme

We enable informed decision-making, by establishing a Shared Environment Information System (SEIS) in support of regular environmental assessment and reporting in the region.

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Programme

We enhance synergies on environmental issues, and take a very active role in regional and several cross-sectoral processes.

Environment for Europe

Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Programme

Education for Sustainable Development

Environment and Health

We address specific areas of environmental concern, such as water and air pollution, environmental rights, mainstreaming environmental assessment in development planning, and industrial accidents, by servicing five environmental treaties and their protocols, helping them to monitor implementation and to organize meetings to further their work.

Clean Air

Environmental Impact Assessment

Industrial Accidents

Public Participation

Water Resources