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Implementation Committee

The Implementation Committee was established by the Executive Body in 1997 to review compliance by Parties with their obligations under the protocols to the Convention. 

The Committee's work focuses on three main areas:

(i)  considering cases of possible non-compliance by an individual Party with any of its emission reduction obligations under a given protocol;

(ii) reviewing  compliance by Parties with their reporting obligations;

(iii) considering, as necessary, systemic issues relating to compliance that have been identified in the course of its work.

The review of compliance with the obligations to report emission data is based on the emission data submitted by Parties to the Centre on Emission Inventories and Projections (CEIP). This data is available in the emission database WEBDAB. Overview tables of emission data by pollutant and in relation to each Parties emission reduction obligations under the different protocols are available here.

Previously, the Implementation Committee also reviewed Parties’ compliance with their obligations to report on strategies and policies, for which a questionnaire was sent to Parties on a biennial basis until 2010. Following Executive Body decision 2013/2, the sessions of the Working Group on Strategies and Review are now being considered the format for reporting on strategies, policies and measures and have thus replaced the questionnaire.

The Implementation Committee is not a decision-making body. It meets twice a year and reports annually to the Executive Body which makes decisions upon recommendations by the Committee.

The Committee consists of nine Parties to the Convention, each elected for a term of two years. Executive Body Decision 2012/25 contains the Committee's Terms of Reference. 

Reports of the Implementation Committee

Twenty-fourth report of the Implementation Committee, 2021

Twenty-third report of the Implementation Committee, 2020

Twenty-second report by the Implementation Committee