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UNECE offers the multilateral platform for negotiation of international legal instruments to address and the development of regulations and norms especially on:
  • Road traffic rules and road traffic safety
  • Vehicle certification

UNECE's actions on vehicle automation include:
  • policy dialogue,
  • negotiation of international legal instruments,
  • development of regulations and norms,
  • exchange and application of best practices as well as economic and technical expertise.

UNECE is contributing to policy dialogues with all stakeholders incl. international organizations and NGOs and the exchange of best practices:
  • UNECE is contributing to OECD/ITF activities (e.g. roundtable
  • UNECE is coorganizing with ITU the annual Future Networked Cars events
  • SAE International is providing the secretariat of one informal working group
  • ...

Since 2014, mainly two Working Parties worked on related legal instruments: WP.1 and WP.29.
In 2016, two milestones were reached:
  • The 1968 Vienna Convention on Road traffic was amended to open the door to automated vehicles in traffic
  • The 10 km/h limitation for autonomous systems was removed from UN Regulation No. 79 in given circumstances