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Reporting under the Water Convention



In 2015, a regular reporting mechanism was established under the Water Convention (Decision VII/2). Regular reporting serves several purposes including:

  • periodically reviewing national implementation of the Convention;
  • informing the public of measures taken to implement the Convention;
  • supporting the mobilisation of resources, e.g. capacity building and technical assistance, in order to address specific basin needs and difficulties in the implementation of the Convention;
  • identifying emerging issues that can inform the development of future programmes of work under the Convention, as well as the work of the Implementation Committee; and
  • promoting the accumulation and exchange of lessons learned, good practices and experiences related to the implementation of the Convention.

Status of reporting under the Water Convention

First reporting exercise 2017/18
95% of the Parties submitted reports during the pilot reporting under the Water Convention. The high response rate provided an important baseline for assessing the implementation of the Convention and reflected a concerted effort by the Parties to protect and jointly manage shared resources over the course of more than 20 years. The findings of the first reporting exercise are available in the first Report on the implementation of the Water Convention published in 2018.

Second reporting exercise 2020/21
All Parties submitted national reports in the second reporting round. The second report on the implementation of the Water convention provides a review of progress made in the implementation of the Water Convention by synthesizing the outcomes of the second reporting round. It covers the period 2017–2020 – a crucial phase in the evolution of the Convention, marked by the enlargement of the treaty’s membership through the accession of several countries from outside the UNECE region.

Reports by Parties*


Party* Date of accession/ratification Pilot reporting 2017/18 2nd reporting 2020/21
Albania 5 Jan 1994 ENG ENG
Austria 25 Jul 1996 ENG ENG
Azerbaijan 3 Aug 2000 RUS RUS
Belarus 29 May 2003 RUS RUS
Belgium 8 Nov 2020 ENG ENG
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3 Dec 2009 ENG ENG
Bulgaria 28 Oct 2003 ENG ENG
Chad 22 Feb 2018 ** FRE
Croatia 8 Jul 1996 ENG ENG
Czech Republic 12 Jun 2000 ENG ENG
Denmark 28 May 1997   ENG
Estonia 16 Jun 1995 ENG ENG
Finland 21 Feb 1996 ENG ENG
France 30 Jun 1998 ENG FRE [1|2]
Germany 30 Jan 1995 ENG ENG
Ghana 22 Jun 2020 ** **
Greece 6 Sep 1996 ENG ENG
Guinea-Bissau 14 Jun 2021 ** **
Hungary 2 Sep 1994 ENG ENG
Italy 23 May 1996 ENG ENG
Kazakhstan 11 Jan 2001 RUS RUS
Latvia 10 Dec 1996 ENG ENG
Liechtenstein 19 Nov 1997   ENG
Lithuania 28 Apr 2000 ENG ENG
Luxembourg 7 Jun 1994 ENG ENG
Moldova, Republic of 4 Jan 1994 ENG ENG
Montenegro 21 Jun 2014 ENG ENG
Netherlands 14 Mar 1995 ENG ENG
North Macedonia 28 Jul 2015 ENG ENG
Norway 1 Apr 1993 ENG ENG
Poland 15 Mar 2000 ENG ENG [1|2
Portugal 9 Dec 1994 ENG ENG
Romania 31 May 1995 ENG ENG
Russian Federation 2 Nov 1993 RUS RUS
Senegal 31 Aug 2018 ** FRE
Serbia 27 Aug 2010 ENG ENG
Slovakia 7 Jul 1999 ENG ENG
Slovenia 13 Apr 1999 ENG ENG
Spain 16 Feb 2000 ENG SPA
Sweden 5 Aug 1993 ENG ENG
Switzerland 23 May 1995 ENG ENG
Togo 28 Sep 2021 ** **
Turkmenistan 29 Aug 2012 RUS RUS
Ukraine 8 Oct 1999 RUS RUS
Uzbekistan 4 Sep 2007 RUS RUS

*The designations employed and the presentation of the material in the reports do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Secretariat of the United Nations concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area, or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers and boundaries.
** Parties that acceded or ratified the Convention after the launch of the respective reporting round.

More information on the reporting process and the outcomes of the monitoring are available on the following webpages: 

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•    First reporting exercise, 2017/18, on SDG indicator 6.5.2
•    Second reporting exercise, 2020/21, on SDG indicator 6.5.2
•    Third reporting exercise, 2023, on SDG indicator 6.5.2
•    National country reports on  SDG indicator 6.5.2
•    Guidance materials and information for countries
•    Workshops, events and meetings on reporting
•    Reporting publications


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Last update date: April 5, 2023