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Report to EXCOM on methane activities and approval of an extrabudgetary project on MRV and abatement of methane emissions from the coal sector


At the 130th EXCOM meeting held in Geneva on 9 October 2023, under item 4 the Director of the Sustainable Energy Division reported to the Executive Committee of the UNECE (EXCOM) on methane activities of the Sustainable Energy Division. 

After the presentation EXCOM approved the extrabudgetary project titled Dissemination of best practices in coal mine methane monitoring, reporting, capture, abatement, and use for the purpose of strengthening national capacities for safe and environmentally responsible management of methane from state owned coal mines

The objective of the project is to disseminate among policymakers, state owned mine operators and coal mine workers, best practices in designing and implementing effective policies for monitoring, reporting, abatement, recovery, and use of methane emissions through targeted capacity-building and training activities. The project will also strengthen the institutional capacity of the ICE-CMMs, improve their capacity to deliver CMM monitoring and abatement trainings in support of the mandated activities of the Group of Experts, and further build an international coalition of stakeholders working on promoting effective CMM methane mitigation practices and policies.